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Unanswered is a monthly publication for the curious: for those who are fascinated by unanswered questions and the search for answers.

We offer thoroughly researched, informative, and entertaining investigations into the unknown. And we would love for you to join us.

Who’s Unanswered?

That would be us: Melanie Heymans-your writer, host, and partner in the quest for answers-and Poppy Heymans-your expert on treats, walks, and sleeping on the job.

Melanie is a computer scientist by training, a recovering HR lady by experience, and a seeker of what, why, and how by character.

Poppy hails from the Glendale Humane Society and has spent the last 3 years barking at strangers, looking cute, and not playing fetch.

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At Unanswered we value:

  • Quality: Our stories are well researched, reasoned, and produced.

  • Integrity: Our stories are balanced and acknowledge context and complexity.

  • Learning: Our stories build understanding and make all of us smarter.

  • Relevance: Our stories are interesting, informative, and helpful.

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We can’t wait for you to join us, Melanie & Poppy

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