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Wow! What a treasure to stumble upon these postcards. I wonder who gave them up. Did they ever think it would land on the hands of a writer/storyteller? How mystical is destiny! A glimpse into their lives. Can’t wait to learn more.

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The message is very typical for a husband writing to a wife, though I wouldn't want to presume. If they were indeed married, Ancestry may have a marriage certificate.

There are 21 entries for various "Richard Kuhnt" in the Verlustlisten -- any of them your man?

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Wow. This is beautiful - I’m already so invested in this! I can’t wait to learn more about Richard, Marge and their lives through the postcards and your research. I love that there’s a voiceover too. I’m dyslexic so that aspect helped me get even more immersed in the first instalment of this journey.

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